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Work In Progress

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Move over New York and LA, Hong Kong's making a break into the street art scene. Work In Progress, a new exhibition sponsored by Swire, has taken over the space in Somerset House, Taikoo Place and transformed it into street art heaven. A friend of mine was kind enough to invite me to the opening, and I must say it did not feel like Hong Kong. Street artists, it seems, put on a damn good party. The exhibition features the work of prominent street artists such as Meggs and Beastman, from floor-to-ceiling graffiti portraits to faces etched into the walls. Most impressive is the fact that the artists completed the site-specific works in the month prior to the exhibition's opening. If you are a Hong Kong reader, do take the time to check it out. And if not, you can just enjoy my lovely iPhone photos here!

Work In Progress is available for viewing at Somerset House, Taikoo Place, Hong Kong until July 7

xo emmy