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Oil + Water

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dion lee resort 2014 - images from fashion gone rogue

Austrailian designer Dion Lee is one to watch. His Resort 2014 collection, 'Oil + Water' is a perfect combination of fluid and slick. True to the name of the collection, Lee has created pieces that have extremely sleek and sinuous lines, yet contrast in their colors and cutout shapes, as oil and water do. He explores the 'oil' side of the collection in his use of glossy textures such as leather, and subsequently the 'water' side of the collection with wave-like prints. I'm completely blown out of my mind by the quality of the garment construction - Dion Lee is the king. My favorite piece from this collection has to be the wave printed one piece swimsuit - I've been obsessed with the  high-collar-and-low-back combination lately. Ultimately, Lee has stayed true to his clean aesthetic and consistently shows great elements of sportswear in this collection. I'm already excited for the next one!

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