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A wonder of light and how I would describe the newly refurbished PMQ on Hollywood Road, Hong Kong. As a former Police Married Quarters (hence the name), it was originally built in 1951 as the first dormitory for Chinese police officers and their families. After falling into disuse at the beginning of the millennium, it was recently renovated and revitalized as a center for creative industries in Hong Kong.

Although the renovations have been in accordance to Hong Kong's shiny and minimal aesthetics (think glass and metal everywhere), the history of PMQ has still been preserved. The existing dormitory structures built in the functional, modernist style were retained, albeit with a fresh coat of paint. At the ground level, there is even a glass viewing area where the original foundations of the site can be seen. With the conservation of historical buildings for fresh industry, PMQ is very much a juxtaposition of old and new. The individual dormitories have been leased to up and coming local designers in Hong Kong, from Susanna Soo to Chocolate Rain, as both a workspace and a place to sell their creations. The open air layout and quirky vibe takes the shopping experience to a new hipster level.

With PMQ being so close to where I live, I'm beyond excited to go and gawp at the shops, as well as take outfit shots next to the hyper sleek architecture. Now if that's not killing two birds with one stone, I don't know what it is.

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  1. I wish to visit Hongkong one of these days. :) you've got a lovely blog dear., found your blog @ GIG's page, following you now through bloglovin' :)
    I hope you can visit my blog as well