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Land of the Rising Sun

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niseko, nagoya and kyoto. photos taken by me

Ski, snow and sushi. I doubt that anyone could ask for more in a vacation. My trans-Japan Christmas trip was really a beautiful mix of extreme sport and culinary delights - don't even get me started on the ice cream. I had thoroughly enjoyable experiences skiing in fresh Niseko powder, and equally shopping in the plethora of Kyoto malls. Ever since my trip, I've been in awe of the Japanese fashion sensibility, the way everyone looks so put together in their everyday lives. Whether it be the Kyoto girls in their peacoats and heeled boots, or the high school boys in their black suit uniforms, I felt that they all exuded a formal sophistication. Aside from that, I was also extremely inspired by the traditional fashion in Japanese culture. The intricacies of the obi fabric, the silkness of the kimonos, undoubtly there will be some Japanese inspired posts coming up. Watch this space!

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