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wearing: black kimono from nagoya market, diy belt from red cheongsam fabric. photos by bchk photography

Amaterasu - goddess of the sun

This season, Japanese culture has had a heavy influence on fashion. From Haider Ackermann to Emilio Pucci, many designers have taken ideas from Japanese construction and created stunningly oriental, kimono-esque pieces. I was lucky enough to have taken a trip to Japan recently, and had the chance to obtain an actual kimono (in black of course). I guess this outfit is a more literal approach to Japanese fashion, rather than an everyday wearable ensemble - that's an understatement. In my collaboration with Brian from BCHK Photography, we tried to shoot this outfit in an editorial style. I have to confess, I feel a little like a goddess of sorts in the midst of a Japanese-style garden. The backdrop of vivid green and red nevertheless complemented the kimono and formed a stunning visual depiction of nature. Although this beautiful kimono is not something that can be worn often,  I can guarantee that it will make a reappearance sometime soon.

xo emmy