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Fall/Winter 2013 by Club Monaco

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For me, Club Monaco has always been the epitome of classic sophistication. This season, the brand experiments with bold patterns and embellishments to create a collection that reincarnates their vision in bold style. For fall, the garments incorporate African sixties-style prints,  juxtaposed with clean lines and modern fabric treatments such as laser cut detail. Club Monaco really put a spin on timeless silhouettes and traditional fabrics such as lace by contrasting them with modern textiles like neoprene and pops of fuschia color.

Fall 2013 also marks the debut of Club Monaco, an elevated extension of the brand marked by quality craftsmanship and the use of gorgeous fabrics - shearling, fur, get the drift. I love that they interpreted the pieces in beautiful timeless colors - red, camel, and naturally my favorite black and white.

As the weather cools for Winter, so does the color palette of the Club Monaco collection. Outwear is redone in dusty pastel shades of blue and pink, even ethereal white - a well-received break from the usual dark palette. Those of you looking for flashy holiday wear shouldn't lose heart though, as Club Monaco delivers in festive sparkle. Think feather-trimmed skirts and rhinestone-embellished sweaters, acid pink cocktail dresses and gold silk blazers. It's luxe all the way ladies!

Thanks to the lovely folks from Club Monaco for the preview! I hope you all enjoyed the clothes!

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