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'Tis the season of giving, receiving, and most of all...spending. After draining my accounts at the COS end of year sales, I found that my inner shopaholic was still not satiated, still craving minimal jewelry to be precise. With an empty wallet, I though there would be no hope. Thank goodness I found Ivania Carpio's prolific set of DIY tutorials on her Love Aesthetics blog, detailing how to create minimal accessories from inexpensive basics like perspex, PVC and randoms from the hardware store. Here are just some things that I created in the past few days of holiday DIY frenzy.

I was always frustrated by the scarcity and priciness of simple accessories in Hong Kong, a city that prefers high saturation and crazy patterns to simplicity. Now, I've realized that it just takes some plastic, helpful people at the hardware store, and dirt cheap metal parts to create items that look chic, expensive and modern. Admittedly, it comes with occasional panic attacks such as finding my fingers stuck together with super glue, and the fear of setting off fire alarms with my dubious oven-forming of plastic. However, I believe that there's so much fun and pride in making items of your own, and a sense of serendipity when you inadvertently create something beautiful. Case in point: I had intended for the perspex cuffs to just be transparent, but the high heat in the oven created a bubbling effect that made the cuffs look shot through with snow. No matter what DIY project, you always create something that is unique to yourself, and that's the greatest joy.

So, I've come to the end of the year with Girl Gone Vogue, and I wanted to thank you all for sticking with me through the outfits, the absences, and the verbose writing. I will endeavor to bring you more fabulosity in 2014!

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