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This outfit post by Vanessa of The Haute Pursuit inspired me to explore the concept of innerwear turned outerwear. I've always felt that lacy and silky undergarments are put to waste kept inside. The corsets that women wore in the past - torturous pain aside - seemed really beautiful to me, in the mysterious way that an amalgamation of lace, boning and ribbon can make an ordinary woman ooze sex appeal. I suppose this H&M slip is by extension a modernization of the old fashioned shaping corset, although it has replaced the painfully stiff boning with elastic-y fabric that nonetheless makes me look much thinner than I actually am. It's also a gorgeous garment on its lonesome that, according to my friend Nick, makes me look like I'm channeling my inner Marion Cotillard. So I thought, why not show it off?

In order to tone down the shock value of this outfit, and prevent any gasps of horror from conservative Hong Kongers, I thought it might be wise to throw a coat over the slip. Although I contend that the coat actually makes the innerwear MORE alluring. It allows for the big, glamorous reveal with the opening of the coat, the transformation from 'librarian to sexual deviant', as Gerard Butler put it in the rom-com The Ugly Truth. Case in point: the difference between the first and second photo of this post. Whilst I'm not really looking to be sexually deviant, I think that wearing sultry outfits on occasion can give any girl a boost of confidence. Just as Madonna rocked the stage in her iconic cone bra, I'm ruling the world one slip dress at a time.

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