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Lately, I've been roaming around PMQ - my friendly neighborhood creative center - in search of visual inspiration, aesthetic pleasure, and anything to delay revising for my final exams. It turns out procrastination can be productive after all, as I came across many intriguing designers in my exploration, one of them being HAK.

HAK, a clothing and accessories brand started by local Hong Kong designer Ling Wong, features garments in delicate yet sporty fabrics and futuristic prints. In addition to her line, Wong also produces custom items, amazing me with her deft ability to manipulate digital printing on any material. I was particularly smitten with a pair of black leather loafers (above) with a marble/smoke-like digital print, a futuristic take on the elegant shoe. The way in which Wong revamps classic shapes and silhouettes with modern prints and fabrics is perhaps HAK's greatest success. With all the garments produced in Hong Kong, you can be sure to have a quality statement piece that will last you a long time.

H202, 2/F, PMQ

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