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This is Not a Prom Dress

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Of the many rites of passage we have growing up, prom is one of the most significant. Through the silver screen, we've vicariously experienced the excitement of donning a princess ball gown, receiving a beautiful corsage, and waltzing under a chintzy disco ball in the arms of your lover. Blame A Cinderella Story, Mean Girls or the countless other chick flicks for instilling such cheesy stereotypes in us. But voluminous tulle gowns are not for everybody, and you don't have to be a princess to go to prom.

As you might have ascertained from the tone of this blog, I am not really inclined towards pastel colors and mountains of chiffon. So whilst a search around Hong Kong and the traditional prom websites left me remaining dress-less, I had better luck on ASOS when I stumbled across the brand Solace. The London-based brand is best known for the elegant yet provocative construction of their garments, and their modern approach to evening wear. What they lack in sequins/lace/tulle, they make up for with graphic and contemporary cuts. With an emphasis on artfully plunging necklines, sharp cutouts and open backs, Solace redefines the idea of showing skin in a sophisticated and minimal way. These are dresses to incite double takes without the need for ostentatious details or conventional sex appeal.

Prom marks the remarkable transition from adolescence to adulthood, from school uniforms and bobby socks to independence. So to conclude the soporific, tumultuous, mundane, stressful and ultimately bittersweet experience that is high school, you might as well go out with a bang.

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  1. you are right this is not a prom dress its just a divine outfit that has no error and it is perfect to look a lady gorgeous.